An open letter to the Formula One decision makers

Dear Formula One,
Thank you for an amazing year of racing. Unfortunately we had to pick it out from all of the other problems that you have have caused this season.
There have been inconsistent decisions, blatant ignoring of the rules, and minor technical decisions that have decided the outcome of too many races.
As fans, we don't want races to be decided by the decisions of the stewards/clerk of the course, we want them to be decided by the drivers in their cars.
Thinking over the history of F1, and the number of people that have dedicated and/or given the lives to the sport, I think you should be thoroughly ashamed of what you have turned this sport into.

I've cancelled my paid for TV subscription, and won't be travelling to the F1 tracks, as I've done in the past. I know it won't hurt you enough for you to notice, by if enough people feel the same, then you might just pay attention.

I'm off to find some other motor racing now,

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